Gallery: Before & After



Small sidelight becomes full length, with obscured glass that matches glass in new decorative 1/2 light in door.



A house from the Eighties gets a new front door, much more warmer and secure. Iron Ore colour not as stark as Black



A new door with full glass transom above.


An old double hung windows from a century home updated with an awning at top.



A seventies house with a new front bay, much more warmer, more glass, and functional casements on either side.


A new bow window, four lites, with perimeter grills on the sides.



Rearranging the sidelight to a different side to accommodate the new left side shoe rack/ seat.



Sometimes all you need is a nice clean white look, with matching obscured glass in sidelight.


IMG_0897   IMG_1054

An old bow window, replaced with a flat fixed window and two casements. Our mason reset the sill, stronger and waterproof.



New door with large obscured glass transom, an interesting mix of black frames and lighter colour door.



Sometimes no glass is needed/ wanted, and colour makes the door stand out.


Full glass can add a lot of character.


More full glass with matching sidelight.



A 150 yr old home gets updated windows, new sill, while masonry is all repointed.



An old bay window before, and a newer, warmer window after.


An old aluminum front window is upgraded with two side casements, fixed in the middle, lots of ventilation and no more drafts!

Premium Plus STA side before   Premium Plus STA side window during   Premium Plus STA side window during 2   Premium Plus STA side window after

A new window in a side wall gives plenty of new light, with obscured glass for privacy.


A new front door, new full glass obscured sidelight.


Country Red new door, lots more light, glass, still maintaining privacy. Also included is the retracting screen door, matching colour.


Premium Plus Jason 1   Premium Plus Jason 2  

Premium Plus Jason 3    Premium Plus Jason 4

A homeowner who wanted a smaller front door system before major exterior new renovations, with a beautiful new stained fibreglass door.


Another Fibreglass door, Dark Oak, composite jambs.


An example of the custom capping available for different situations.


Adding replacement windows with new capping.


A good example of a simple single slider window completely refreshing the look of a house.


Premium Plus 70's door   Premium Plus 70's door after

An interesting 70’s style door and sidelight gets upgraded.




A new side door with functioning window, and installing an obscured glass window into the old milk box chute.


Double sidelights on new all Black front door.


New 3/4 lite glass with Burgundy door and white storm door with extended view glass to show off new door.



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