Our Doors are custom manufactured in Toronto by Entryguard Doors, one of Canada’s premier suppliers of quality entrance door systems.

Steel Doors:   Choose from insulated steel or fiberglass doors, and a wide range of glass options, to customize your doors with the look and feel you want. Choose from full light, 3/4 or 1/2 lite glass inserts, with a variety of handle and deadbolt options.

Patio Doors:   Sliding patio doors take up little space and offer fantastic, unobstructed views of the outside, with their narrow frame profile.

Garden Doors:  Combine the natural light of a window with the security and function of a door.  Garden door systems offer a wide range of options, with either one or both doors operating, hinged in the middle or sides, and come with a sliding screen door.


-Internal Blinds: These blinds are manufactured inside the factory sealed units, between the panes of glass, making them maintenance and dust free. Adjust the amount of light and privacy easily, and eliminate the need for window coverings.

-Colours:  All doors can be factory painted, from standard Polytext White, to 7 standard colours, as well as 27 custom colours.