All of our windows are manufactured locally, in London Ontario, by Gentek Building Products, well know for years in Canada, supplying windows, doors, soffit, facia and siding materials to the construction industry

Double hung windows offer the flexibility of two sashes that slide vertically, as well as the option of placing a screen on the exterior of the window frame. Ventilation is controlled from an opening equal to half the total glass dimension. These windows allow both sashes to tilt in for easy cleaning.

premium plus double hung open

Casement windows feature a side hinge design that projects outward, providing better ventilation than sliding windows of similar size. Benefits of casement windows include: lower air leakage rates, a sash that closes by pressing against the frame, and interior screen placement.  Our casement windows crank out a full 90 degrees to allow for easy cleaning.

Awning windows feature a top hinge and open outwards. Generally, this style of window provides for lower rates of air leakage because the sash closes by pressing against the window frame. Screens are placed on the inside of the frame.

Fixed windows are the most basic of styles. This term typically applies to windows that are inoperable or non-venting.

Bay or Bow windows are typically comprised of three or more windows. They feature side units that project from the exterior at 10, 15, 30 or 45 degree angles,  creating more space inside your home and allowing maximum light into the house. Individual windows may remain stationary or operational. If desired, the center window may be stationary, and the side units operational.

Sliding windows permit both sashes to slide horizontally. The ventilation area can be manipulated, and screens can be placed on the exterior of the unit. These windows allow both sashes to swing in for easy cleaning.

Special Shapes. Of course we can supply and install any custom shaped window that your home may feature.

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